About Us

We are a group of three Year 4 students (2012) from Raffles Institution (Year 1-4), who have had the opportunity to learn more about Bukit Brown through a school project. We started this… Continue reading


   Bukit Brown Cemetery, otherwise also known as Coffee Hill or kopi sua to Singaporeans, was a public Chinese cemetery in the mid- 1900s. It was officially opened as a public municipal cemetery… Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Final Run 25/05/2012

Photo Gallery: Trial Run 28/4/2012

Photo Gallery: Recce 24/03/2012

Botany in Bukit Brown

Content adapted from the book “Spaces of the Dead: A Case from the Living” Three main types of vegetations can be seen in Bukit Brown – parkland landscape, shrubby vegetation, and the grassland… Continue reading


Bukit Brown Cemetery, or kopi sua, a place alien to most post-65ers, is one of the largest Chinese cemeteries outside of China. Through this website, we attempt to relate the untold wealth of… Continue reading

Birds of Bukit Brown

Content Adapted from the Book “Spaces of the Dead: A Case from the Living” Among nature-lovers, Bukit Brown is well-known for its abundant and varied birdlife. This is best sampled in the early… Continue reading

The Undaunted Warriors of Bukit Brown

The announcement by LTA in September 2011 to build a road that cuts through Bukit Brown Cemetery triggered uproar among Singaporeans. Many felt that plans could have been communicated to the public and… Continue reading


Till today, caretakers or tombkeepers revisit Bukit Brown to maintain their graves that the ancestors have entrusted them with. This practice has ensued even after the official closure of Bukit Brown in 1973.… Continue reading


The transformation of Bukit Brown Cemetery into an outdoor recreation area is not a new idea. With its enormous lushes of greenery and surrealistic scenery, it is an excellent locale for outdoor fun… Continue reading

Ecological Importance

Content adapted from “Space for the dead, a case from the Living’ First, lying immediately to the south of the Central Catchment Area, Bukit Brown with its substantial greenery and woodedness, provides an… Continue reading