Lim Chong Pang

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Lim Chong Pang (Group 8 Grave 1)

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Lim Chong Pang (1904 – 1956), was a prominent businessman and Chinese community leader. In 1929, Lim was appointed to the Singapore Rural Board, a governmental body dealing with municipal issues such as water supply, markets and building inspections. He also sat on the committee of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and was involved in efforts to support the cause of China in its war against Japan.

He was honorary treasurer of the China Relief Fund Committee of Singapore, and supported local Chinese volunteers receiving military training for the war effort. In addition, being concerned with education, he sat on the board of governors at his alma mater, St. Andrew’s, and was also the vice-president of the Old Boys Association of the school. He acted as one of the trustees of Gan Eng Seng School as well.