Lee Hoon Leong

Lee Hoon Leong (Group 4 Grave 2)

Directions: Follow along the main road and turn right when you see a Croton Plant (brightly orange and purple coloured plant which has been marked with a yellow ribbon. Turn right and head uphill on a cleared dirt track. The first grave you see on your left would be Lee Hoon Leong’s grave.

Lee Hoon Leong, father of Dr. Lee Choo Neo (G3-7), and grandfather of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, was born in Singapore in 1871, and died in 1942. He received education at Raffles Institution up to standard V, which would be today’s lower secondary school.

Subsequently, he became a purser, or the head steward on board a ship belonging to the Heap Eng Moh Shipping Line which was owned by the Chinese millionaire sugar king of Java, Oei Tiong Ham. Throughout his lifetime, he donated generously to schools such as Raffles Institution, ACS and SJI. 

Interesting to note is the year of date carved onto his grave which is year 2602. This is the Japanese Koki Year, starting 660 BC when the first Japanese Emperor Jimmu ascended the throne. Also located right beside Lee Hoon Leong’s Tombstone is Lie Sio Nio, a 72nd generation descendant of Confucius.