Chew Boon Lay

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Chew Boon Lay (Group 11 Grave 5)

Direction: Continue along the main road when you head downhill from Ong Sam Leong’s grave. Turn left and head uphill when you see a yellow ribbon or API marker. Follow API markers on trees to locate Chew Boon Lay’s grave.

Chew Boon Lay was born in Changzhou, Fujian province. He then migrated to Singapore in his adulthood. In 1898, he founded Ho Ho Biscuit Factory and earned a fortune from biscuit manufacturing. Using these profits he bought over land in the Jurong area. Today, the Boon Lay Housing estate off Jurong is named after Chew Boon Lay. Both a MRT station and a school are also named after him.

“By comparison, Boon Lay might not have left so strong a mark as the other philanthropic forefathers of our nation. But in his own way he was different. Asked why he chose to produce Ho Ho and not Huntley & Palmers biscuits, he replied, Ho Ho biscuits are meant for the masses whilst the Huntley & Palmers are for the ang mohs – very few Chinese, Malays and Indians can afford the latter.” Quote from website ‘ONE@Boon Lay,